Experiencing Silence in the Land of Ladakh

Himalaya Meditation Tour goes to Zanskar Valley in 2017, the most isolated and authentic valley of Ladakh-Indian Tibet. A valley where still we can enrich us with the example of a society that believes in Liberation from Suffering and in The Path of Compassion.

This travel is an invitation to share us in an adventurous, exciting and enriching journey through the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas. Ladakh is the Tibet not occupied by China.

It is oriented to practice living in Presence and Consciousness.  Moment to Moment. In totality Here-Now. Pointing to “Just Be”. Observing how I experience Reality when the mind is totally open to the present moment.

Twenty-two days of travel exploring the immensity of the Himalayas and the true nature of oneself. Who I am without stories, without my story.

Meditation and Trekking. Openness and Celebration, Pure Nature and no globalized Villages.

Practicing yoga and silence. We will explore valleys and mountains, villages and monasteries, lakes and high passes, melting with the ladakhi local life.

We start the journey with a 3 days meditation retreat. The silence and the beauty of these mountains will help us to experience ourselves with a silent mind and to connect with the group from the Presence and Heart, without stories.

Meditation Retreat in Nubra Valley, part of the silk route. Descends by the mythic Indus Valley visiting the important monasteries of Alchi and Lamayouru. Five days impressive trekking  from Kanji, in the Indus Valley, to Rangdum, in Zanskar Valley-( There is a variation for those who can´t do the trek )-. The spectacularly beautiful Zanskar Valley will allow us to enjoy glaciers and isolated monasteries full of life and spirituality. From here, passing by Kargil, we will descend to the precious Srinagar in Kashmir, where we finish our trip in the Himalayas staying in one of the lakes of this amazing city, immerse in softness and beauty.

Dates of Journey and Price