About Unmani

Nomind Video PresentationNomind Video PresentationI am traveling in Asia the last twenty years of my life. I was twenty-nine the first time I arrived to India, and that first travel changed completely my life.

At that time I was working in Barcelona, Spain where I was born, as a biologist and at one point feeling incomplete and unfulfilled I decided to take a sabbatical year and search for existential answers. I never came back to what I was doing before. Since then I live a nomadic life following the orders of my heart.

In India I got in contact with meditation in the Osho Commune in Pune. The practice of Osho meditations showed me that reality was more than what I was thinking. I experienced myself totally free and fulfilled just closing my eyes and being still. So simple.

Along these years I have been in the presence of different masters and I learned and practice different meditation techniques. It was around fourteen years ago that I started to work with people, mainly in individual sessions but also in groups, organizing silente retreats. Guiding to experience reality with open mind, without story, judgment. Guiding to stop and have a look to oneself, investigating” Who am I?”.  Meeting our own thinking with understanding.

It was eight years ago,  while traveling in the Himalayas, that  came to me the possibility of combining the work I was already doing with people with the richness of traveling  this mountains. This way of sharing is giving us the chance to experience and explore our true nature in daily living bases. This is my ninth year guiding people in this way.

With this journey I am just sharing myself. Traveling in Ladakh and learning from the simple way of living of the ladakhi people, dissolving in the purity and beauty of the mountains together with the practice of meditation, it does combine the two passions of my life. Walking through the Himalayas and exploring and experiencing my true nature.