Silent Retreat

The Silent Retreat is giving us the opportunity "to stop", to leave behind the stories of our normal life, the tensions, the stress, the worries... and open our mind and our heart to receive fully the new, to be completely in this very moment of life.

During these three days of silence we will practice different types of meditation:
Silent sitting, dancing, walking with awareness, contemplating nature...

Pointing to be present and open Here and Now.

Sharing together the experience of silence. Connecting with each other, with nature and with ourselves, without having to say anything, without story, by "Just be", totally present, simple, spontaneous.

borg9_chortens_in_ladakh_indiaObserving how we experience reality when we do not define it, when we do not impose the past, the knowledge, in between us and the natural flow of life. In the present moment.

This year we will do the Retreat in the powerful and mystic Nubra Valley, in the little village of Hunder. We rent the full Goba Guest House to practice our meditations and other activities during the three days of the Retreat, enjoying the quietness of the place and the beautiful views of the valley.

Usually the activities during the days of silence are:

Yoga - Breakfast- Free time- Meditation-Lunch- Free time- Meditation and questions- Dinner- Free time or Night party (In silence)... And a lots of laughter.

29Some people who never have experienced to be a few days in silence may think it is too difficult. It´s not my experience. First time I was in a silent retreat, after a few days, my mind and my body was so relaxed I did not want to return to the normal of talking all the time. Silence is giving us the chance to see how our mind is working and to start to be free of the thinking process. A clean and quite mind immediately brings a heart that radiates unconditional love. Inner peace and joy.

I have years of experience guiding people into meditation. Everybody will receive support and guidance during these days and we will do daily sharing with questions and answers. My way is not rigid at all. It is more about “just be”. Helping the body and the mind to let go with dynamic meditations, with dancing, and to be quiet and observing with silent sitting.

The silence and the meditation will help our mind to be quiet and open. And a quiet mind is required to recognize who we really are. Instead of telling the story of what is happening, living what is happening consciously here and now.