Philosophy of The Journey


Philosophy of The Journey

This travel is an invitation to share us in an adventurous journey through the highest mountains of the world.

Practicing a guided opening to reality with a clean and innocent mind. Nobody is forced to do anything. No teaching, no teacher, no student. Each one is free and each one is taking responsibility for him or herself.

During twenty-one days we will explore the land of Tibetan culture in Ladakh... celebrating the gift of being alive. Observing how we experience reality when our mind is totally open to the present moment, without story, my story, without a past and a judgment. Living the moment as it is.

I traveled to Ladakh for the first time more than twenty years ago. My heart was captivated by the mind blowing beauty of these mountains, the depth and open heart of the ladakhi people and the Tibetan Buddhism culture of this society. Since then, I have spent many summers traveling through this part of the world and each time my heart opens in joy and my mind in clarity and peace.

What I offer is a guided travel to silence and celebration, walking through the Himalayas.

We will use music and dance as much as silence sitting to let go and help our mind and heart to open in trust and love. Dancing for me is a wonderful way to say thanks to Existence for this life-time we have. In dancing we disappear and dissolve in joy. To have the chance to dance at 4000m height, surrounded by the magnificence and beauty of these mountains, immersed in its natural silence is a great gift.

We will travel and explore the Himalayas in an easy and comfortable way by using jeep´s and minibuses.

The type of accommodation and food will be different, depending where we are.

Whenever we can, we will stay in good hotels and guest houses. In Srinagar it will be deluxe rooms in a house-boat. In other occasions we will live in a simple but clean and cozy ladakhi house, where we have the chance to share the real local life.

The Silent Retreat will be happening in “No Mind Retreat Hotel” in the traditional ladakhi village of Likhir, 50km far from Leh, the capital of Ladakh.

I love to share with you these breathe taken valleys and mountain passes I know so well.

We will travel without hurry, with flexibility to change the plan, depending on our needs and preferences in the moment. We stop in beautiful spots, while moving from one place to another.

We will visit monasteries, share with local people, walk around, discover the life in the cities we pass, swim in rivers, take natural showers in small waterfalls, dance in the middle of wild nature, dissolve in the beauty of these naked mountains admiring its immensity and majesty, flow with the constant change of light and colours, the glaciers, the tops, the river beds with its playful and diverse forms and shapes... It´s a wonderful and unique landscape.

Connecting with each other in honesty without a mask, in acceptance with oneself and with the other is the goal. Being total and present moment to moment.

We are living in an extraordinary planet, overflowing with beauty and diversity of nature and human societies.

This exiting and enriching trip through the beautiful and silent desert of the high Himalayas will bring us naturally closer to who we really are.


Let´s talk a little about Ladakh and its people.

It is a privilege to us to be welcomed in this place, embedded in the spectacular beauty of the Himalayas.
The essence of the Ladakhi culture is rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.
The humbleness and simplicity of these people, which believe and practice the path of compassion and unconditional love towards Enlightenment, for the welfare of all beings, is a constant reminder  to us, of what is really important in these moving times.

Ladakh has been known by different names, like 'Land of passes', 'Land of Lamas', 'Little Tibet', 'Indian Tibet'…

It’s a uniquely beautiful land. A peaceful, tranquil and serene environment encompasses en ecosystem with rare elements of nature.

 An authentic land, it is faithful to ancestral customs where life is characterized by intense spirituality. It is where, the forces of nature conspired to render a magical unrealistic landscape... a landscape of extremes... desert and blue waters... burning sun and freezing winds... glaciers and sand dunes...

It lies at an altitude from 3000m to 7600m. At these heights, you are on the roof of the world! As the highest inhabited land in the world. It has China and Pakistan as neighbouring countries. The Indian army is all over this area protecting the borders from the invasion of its neighbours.  

 Ladakh is like a forgotten moment in time. It is common in Ladakh to come across villages carved out of veritable mountainside, stupas reaching the sky, monasteries virtually hanging from the cliffs and crags. Their interiors are filled with priceless antiques and art.

This area started to be inhabitated when Tibetan nomads settled there. In the beginning it was an autonomous part of Tibet, later on it became part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, in India. The Tibetan Buddhist culture has been respected and protected by India. Muslims and Buddhist are sharing the beauty and magic of this land. Every Buddhist village has its own monastery and all along this land we find symbols that are reminding us the bases of this religion, the possibility of Enlightenment for human beings and the Path of Compassion.

The 'Mani' walls mark the beginning of the Buddhist villages and Gompas or monasteries can abundantly be seen here. The culture and lifestyle of the people of Ladakh is deeply influence by their religion.

It is a land that still has the purity, the wisdom and the innocence of a simple life in a natural environment not contaminated yet by the greed of man.

After traveling here you will never forget the open faces of the ladakhi people when they tell you “Juley” (their way to say hello)