To travel in India require applying for visa, the conditions are different depending from which country you are coming. Through internet you can get all the information you need and the visa form.

What to take in our luggage:

We need winter and summer clothes.

As we will be moving all the time in between 3000m and 5600m height, day time can be very hot with strong sun radiation and night time very cold. As well it could be very cold when we do the high mountain passes.

I recommend…

-Mountain winter jacket.
-Long arm t-shirt of thin cotton and another worm one.
-Good worm shocks
-Comfortable trousers. Thin cotton ones and mountain worm ones.
-Swimming clothes.
-Mountain shoes. Comfortable and light.
-Good winter sleeping bag, needed for the 4 days trek.
-Sun glasses.
-Sun protection.
-Small back bag.
-Flip flops.
-Water bottle.

The trekking days can be very cold during the night time, especially in the September tour. We are trekking the high mountains. It is needed good mountain clothes.

The rest of our journey you need comfortable summer and winter clothes and shoes.

It is very very important not to carry a heavy luggage. We will be moving all the time and we are a group, it is much more easy to move light of weight than heavy.

If you have to buy some of the recommended things, I would suggest to buy it in India. In Leh we can buy whatever we need for the mountains and usually at much better price than in the West.

As a main luggage you can bring a suitcase or a back-bag, whatever is more comfortable for you, we will not have to carry it ourselves. An extra small back-bag will be needed for the trekking.

Health care:

About vaccinations I recommend to ask in your own country. There is not malaria in the Himalayas and personally I never use vaccinations

For the altitude sickness, I will bring pills in case somebody feels dizzy and during the trek we carry an oxygen bottle to be safe in the case of altitude problems when we do the Kanji-la pass of 5300m.

We travel with a first aid medical care. Each one can ask a personal doctor of the medicines required depending in your own body health, like if you are diabetic.