To travel in India require applying for visa, the conditions are different depending from which country you are coming. Through internet you can get all the information you need and the visa form.

What to take in our luggage:

We need winter and summer clothes.

As we will be moving all the time in between 3000m and 5600m height, day time can be very hot with strong sun radiation and night time very cold. As well it could be very cold when we do the high mountain passes.

I recommend…

-Good and comfortable jacket.
-Long arm t-shirt of thin cotton and another worm one.
-Good worm shocks
-Comfortable trousers. Thin cotton ones and mountain worm ones.
-Swimming clothes.
-Mountain shoes. Comfortable and light.
-Thin sleeping bag, we will not need sleeping bag to protect us from the coldness but yes for hygiene, like when we stop in Pang, the camp at 4600m height in the way from Manali to Leh or when we do the trekking in Zanskar Valley.
-Sun glasses.
-Sun protection.
-Small back bag.
-Flip flops.
-Water bottle.

If you have to buy some of the recommended things, I would suggest to buy it in India, ones we are in Himachal Pradesh, we can buy whatever we need for the mountains and usually at much better price than in the West.

As a main luggage you can bring a suitcase or a back-bag, whatever is more comfortable for you, we will not have to carry it ourselves. A small back-bag will be needed for the trekking.

Health care:

About vaccinations I recommend to ask in your own country. There is not malaria in the Himalayas and personally I never use vaccinations

For the altitude sickness, I will bring pills in case somebody has a problem. When high altitude sickness symptoms appear, what we have to do is to go down immediately. We are not going to climb any top so it is rare to have any problem. In our journey there is only one point where sometimes people feel a little dizzy, it is when we sleep in Pang and in Tsomoriri at 4600m height, never there was a farther inconvenience.

I will have small first aid stuff. Each one can ask a personal doctor depending in your own body health, like if you are diabetic.

There are two trips:

From 4th July to 28th July and from 1th August to 25th August

Twenty five days travelling together will cost 1480 Euros.

We will meet in New Delhi to start our trip and we will end it in New Delhi again. From the moment you arrive to Delhi international airport, you can relax and let go, allowing yourself to flow and enjoy…I take care of all the infrastructure you need…you can just open to receive from this incredibly beautiful country and its culture and people.

The cost includes everything except the food; accommodation, private transport, domestic flights, guided trip through the Himalayas, meditation silent retreat, daily yoga and meditation classes…